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Gross. Normally I don’t really care who payed how much for what furry porn, but I’m still deeply disturbed by the fact it’s all of characters from a little childrens show. (Don’t come at me with “but adults can relate to it” bullshit, you’re not the intended audience.)

Making porn out of any children’s show is like making Girl Scout porn: You can make all the excuses you want but at the end of the day you still basically admitted to being a pedophile.

Whoa whoa whoa, excuse me. What.
Pedophile (noun): A person who is sexually attracted to children.

Sexualizing an entirely fictional anthropomorphic fantasy creature of indeterminate age is LEAPS AND BOUNDS away from sexualizing real children. If we were talking like, Rugrats or Dora the Explorer? That might raise an eyebrow, but these are… multi-colored pony-shaped marshmellow things. Sexualizing the FIM cast has very little (read: nothing in the majority of cases) to do with anything involving children, and more to do with liking something for being cute, “exotic”, and characters they can connect to and are already invested in. And well… people do get off on the whole idea of “corrupting something innocent” which could be part of it for some, but that is still just a fantasy in this case and is not hurting any REAL beings.

Some “bronies” can be really reckless about how and where they indulge and how they impose their their MLP ~fantasies~ onto things (in other words, I am bothered by how easy it is for kids to stumble upon adult stuff —bronies could really work on that for their rep’s sake— and don’t like the proclaimed “ownership” the fans seem to think they have), but this isn’t anything new. This kind of thing has been going on waaaay before the pony craze (example, Pokemon/Digimon/Sailor Moon porn doujinshis. Do you know how many exist? A LOT.), and I’m pretty sure it’s never had much of a correlation with dangerous predatory behaviour, and should not be much of a concern to anyone outside of kids being able to access it. 

The end price is a bit shocking (does the FIM fandom just have the deepest pockets in the universe or what???), and the pony rule 34 is rampant, but IDK. I feel like because of all the buzz, people are using shit like this as some sort of perceived moral leverage, pointing fingers at something that’s strange and putting way more energy, thought, and anger towards what at the end of the day, is harmless. Fetish/Kink/WHATEVER shaming is more “gross” and concerning to me than people just doing their thing in their own designated places. It might weird you out a little and you know, that’s fine, but there is a lot more despicable everyday material floating around (see: that ad Amanda Palmer posted about for a “free waxing for girls 15 and under”). 

I really don’t understand why the “furry news network” (what) posted this in the first place. Is the internet really so bored that this constitutes as “news?” To me it just looks like “HEH HEY EVERYONE LOOK AT THIS EASY TARGET!!!”

… I can’t believe I just defended bronies/ MLP porn but there you go. Gonna jump in my hole now.

Amen sister! No matter what the subject, pointing fingers at inconsequential things (mlp ain’t real guys) just smacks of trying to make yourself appear superior in some way. That condescending “Well, at least I don’t do that, I’m better than those weirdos.” And that just makes you the asshole, not those who are just minding their own business doing their own thing.

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    This discussion would never have to happen, if people could take a moment to stop and think about how dumb they sound....
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