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“There were many sacrifices. Humankind was mired in horrific conflict, meaningless bloodshed, leaving the great Earth eternally scarred. But finally, you looked up from the blood and from the dirt and from the dying… to the stars. You had not given up on the idea of reaching out, yearning, seeking a new horizon. And finding new space to grow and prosper.

For the first time, humankind was united in a shared vision. A common goal.”

I see absolutely nothing wrong with this picture. One of the few things I liked in Legends.

Also just as an aside, I know wars are terrible things, but can writers please find something less cliche to harp on about? The morality and ethics of wars have been done to death, but when no solution is offered, they just come off as preachy. Especially when it comes down to “war is human nature and that’s terrible.” Well excuse me, I guess it’s my fault for being a human, ya know, something I had a choice in deciding. Then it’s just shaming but with no way out. Especially when paired with a video game where war is the only thing staving off human extinction. We should all definitely be pacifists now!

Sorry for the rant. It’s just something I’ve seen over and over again in other media and worlds and Cortana’s little speech was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I love you Cortana, I really do, but can you please try to be more original? You were based on a human mind but made -for- the war, you have to have a unique point of view about the situation.

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    I see absolutely nothing wrong with this picture. One of the few things I liked in Legends. Also just as an aside, I...
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    When she makes this speech in Legends there are hints she is already bordering on rampancy. Halo 4 is apparently going...
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    That’s nice, but when does she go Rampant? Seriously, I really want to see Cortana become the next Durandal.
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